Palm Event Center Wedding in Pleasanton, CA | Alessa + Jeevan

It all started at popular music festival: COACHELLA.
Alessa + Jeevan both have a passion for dancing and music, so it’s fitting that they met there.
This passion abounded through out their incredible, multi-cultural wedding. As soon as we met these two love birds, they were emitting happiness and love.
Two of the sweetest people you will ever meet.
A + J’s wedding started off with a Friday evening traditional Indian + Filipino ceremony.
It was off the walls AMAZING!
Full of love, music, dancing, and not to mention delicious food.
This was just a taste of what the next day was to bring.
After six years of dating, wedding bells were ringing! Saturday was nothing short of of mind blowing.
From morning till evening, from smallest detail to largest, Alessa + Jeevan’s wedding day was perfect.
Filled with love, laughter, traditional dancing, emotional speeches, yummy food,
and all around one lovely group of people.
Thank you so kindly Alessa + Jeevan for letting us be apart of your love story.
For letting us document the unforgettable moments and for just being amazing people!
Can’t wait to hang out again - we love you guys!