Hello lovely person! 

I'm Kara, lover of sunshine, flowers and film!
I am a creative photographer who loves capturing romantic, dreamy and organic photo's.  I'm always chasing after the perfect light and raw emotion between two love struck souls.
My goal as a photographer is to make you feel relaxed and happy during your wedding, engagement or any other special occasion! 
What you feel in each moment should come flooding back every time you look at your photo's.
From my love of shooting film, I am drawn to natural, light, organic images. And I apply that to love too, there is nothing better than capturing natural, organic love. That is how my style goes hand in hand. 

Here is a photo of my hubby (Ryan) and I. Ryan is not only my husband and best friend but ALSO my second shooter. We are a husband and wife team and there is no greater pleasure than getting to work along side him. We love using light in a unique way that creates happy and joy-filled images. We love having fun with our couples on their wedding day and we're down for any adventure! 

So what are you waiting for? Let's grab coffee or a glass of champagne and chat about your love story! Let's be friends! Click here to contact us!