Corinna + Stefan

Romance. Love. Happiness. All emotions I couldn't help but be filled with during our photoshoot with Kara in the lovely San Fran. My significant other and I drove down to meet Kara. We started at a cute little park up the hill from the beach at first to take some shots in an area that was more woodsy. It felt like an absolute fairytale. Kara did such a wonderful job making us feel at ease shooting in front of so many strangers passing by. At one point it was almost as if they weren't even there anymore. 
A lot of other photographers I have worked with make you feel very awkward and don't give you much direction. You just end up standing in the same spot with a million pictures of the same pose. This was not the case with Kara. She was so full of beautifully creative ideas for our shots. Not only that but Kara was also sooo so reassuring. Being in front of a camera can be pretty nerve wracking but she made us feel more than comfortable. We ended up with so many pictures to choose from. I'm sure all of my followers on social media had enough of our faces by the time I was done posting our pics.  After shooting in the trees, she led us down to the Sutro Baths. I remember being a bit worried that we wouldn't be able to get any pictures without getting other people in the frame, but Kara worked her magic once again and delivered absolutely gorgeous pictures. You would have never guessed we shared the spot with about forty other people. Everything about our shoot was perfect. It was as if Kara found a way to control every aspect of the day. The lighting, the weather, waves of the ocean, even the birds in the sky. I couldn't have asked for a better photographer to help capture the love between my partner and I. I will be swooning over our pictures for years to come. We definitely can't wait to work with her again!

I’ve been a professional makeup and hair artist for Kara’s clients now on two separate occasions. I love her photography and personality. 
She likes to shoot at a nice fast-pace and really listens to what shots we ALL want.  She will do ANYTHING for anyone and her turn around time on photos is unmatched. (She had previews to show us same-day, which is very rare, trust me!) Not only is she professional but she is great with staying on time and I just love how sweet she is. She’s the nicest gal I’ve met in a long time and you’ll be lucky if she is available for your wedding or engagement!
— Cassandra McClure


Joli + zach

Kara is amazing! We had so much fun on our shoot. She got some great pictures of me & my husband. We’ve been married almost 4 years & we’ve never had professional engagement pictures done. I’m so happy we have these now... She also got a great close up of my ring I was so excited about that since I didn’t have one before. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer. 

Ada + rick

Kara is an amazing, talented, and professional photographer. She has a natural comforting sense of direction when it comes down to perfecting your pose. She has a great eye for capturing perfection, and her ability to connect helps your stiffness melt away.

She’s the best, knowledgeable but not pushy. Great communicator.
— Mark Gilmore

Noemi + jino

My husband and I have known Kara for some years now and were very excited to have the opportunity to shoot with her. I had seen her beautiful work so I knew our family pictures would come out nice. She made our session very enjoyable and fun, specially for our little one who can be a bit moody at times, but she was able to get some great pictures of him happy and smiling. Her beautiful and bubbly personality makes you feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, she knows what she's doing and knows what will look good and how to capture the perfect lighting. I love how she doesn't make it all about exact posing but mixes it with more of natural interactions between each other. Needless to say the end product was perfect, they came out beautiful! Will definitely be recommending to anyone looking for a photographer.